Work Based Visas that lead to a Green Card

Although job based green cards are not quite as easy to obtain as family based green cards, they are the second most sought after path to citizenship. This is because only a certain number of these visas are offered each year and because the visas are only offered once a year. Visas are offered in the following preference:

  • Priority Workers, including aliens with extraordinary abilities, outstanding professors and researchers, and certain multinational executives and managers
  • Members of professions holding an advanced degree or persons of exceptional ability (including individuals seeking a National Interest Waiver)
  • Skilled Workers, professionals and other qualified workers
  • Certain special immigrants including those in religious vocations
  • Employment creation immigrants (investors or entrepreneurs)

Do you have an offer from an employer?  Are you an employer and wish to extend an offer?  Are you interested in beginning the process?  Do you qualify?   Do you need to understand the likely steps and costs in the process?    If so, contact us to set up an appointment to get your answers.   The assessment is conducted  in-person at our Rockefeller office, or by phone.  The assessment cost $150.  If you decide to retain us, the cost is applied to your service fees.

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