Are you a spouse or child of an US Citizen?  Have you been abused or battered by the US Citizen?  If so, the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), created in 1984, applies for to you!

Normally, the US Citizen must petition to have a spouse or child become a citizen.  This law allows you to petition for this Visa without them being notified.  It also has special provisions to help you obtain public support, if you qualify, so you can support yourself during the process.

First you must file a Form I-360 Self-Petition (VAWA petition), gather supporting documentation that provides evidence of battery/abuse/extreme cruelty and proof of the qualifying relationship to the abuser.

Once the form and the supporting documentation is supplied, the Immigration Service will  quickly provide a “prima facie” determination.  This is what allows the family members to be eligible for certain public benefits.  In most cases, if the VAWA petition is approved, deferred action status in provided. Deferred action means that removal, or deportation, proceedings will not be initiated.  Applicants are also eligible for work authorization upon approval of their VAWA petition.

Contact us today for an assessment of your situation.  Assessments are $150.  They can be conducted on the phone, at our Rockefeller Office, at your home, or any other location that provides privacy.  If you decide to retain us, the consultation fee will be applied towards your service fee.