Jasper Hill Group represents clients facing deportation or removal proceedings.

You may think that the judge will help me if I have a sympathetic story or that there is no hope to stay, so why hire an attorney to help me.  Neither is completely true!

The judge does have a responsibility to listen to both sides.  However, he doesn’t have a responsibility or right to find you the best defense.

If you or a family member are in fear of or already in the process of deportation, hire an attorney!  You do have rights. The attorney will know those rights!  Could you qualify  to stay in the US under a different visa?  Do you have a relative in the US?  Are you sure the crime you committed is really on the list that would demand deportation?  There are many other possibilities.

Contact us today for an assessment of your situation.  Assessments are $150.  They can be conducted in the deportation facility, on the phone, at our Rockefeller Office, at your home, or any other location that provides privacy.  If you decide to retain us, the consultation fee will be applied towards your service fee.

You will get an opportunity to talk to an immigration lawyer at the first deportation hearing.  At all subsequent hearings, if you have not hired a lawyer, you are on your own.  In fact, if you don’t have a lawyer, most judges will recommend that you hire one.

Contact us today!