Citizenship can be gained through a variety of mechanisms. Whether it’s through operation of law, acquisition of citizenship, naturalization, or through service in the United States Armed Forces, our firm can guide you through the citizenship process to avoid potential pitfalls and issues such as residency and criminal history.

Anyone who wishes to apply for citizenship must first acquire an Immigrant Visa. The visa is the first step on a path to getting a Green Card.  A green card is an identification that is given to people who have been granted permanent residency status in the United States. It is the most sought after immigration benefit. Unfortunately, it is also the most difficult benefit to obtain.
There are several paths to a green card. Most people are sponsored by a family member  or sponsored by an employer. However, there are other paths such as Refugee or Asylee  and other humanitarian programs, such as Violence Against Women( VAWA).

Do you have questions about whether you or your relatives qualify? Are you looking for an answer of the estimated costs?  If so, contact us to set up an appointment to get your answers.   The assessment can be conducted on the phone or in-person at our Rockefeller Center office, in your home or any other place that has privacy.  The cost is $150.00.  If  you decide to retain us, the consultation fee is applied to your services costs.  Contact us today to set up a consultation.